Sunburns, Coconut Oil and the No-Poo Experiment

So I got another sunburn during our vacation in California. I was so pissed off at myself for about two days, because seriously, after 19 years of walking this earth you’d think I’d be smart enough to avoid crap like that, right? Wrong. I leave common sense behind and go walking the beach with no hat or sunglasses or sunscreen whatsoever. And come back to the hotel looking like an angry lobster, mad at myself for not thinking about the possibility of it being 80 degrees and roasting out in California in freakin MARCH! Anyways, I bathed in hotel lotion for that night to try to undo some damage and turned over every rock of the world wide web to find out how many sunburns it takes to get skin cancer. Turns out, already one blistering burn puts you at a five-times higher risk! Add up all the burns I’ve gotten from sheer stupidity and I’m right up there on cancer’s target list! Good God, I’m so gonna die. This is the point where I started thinking stuff like “WHY didn’t I listen to my mother earlier?!” and “Ok, hun, you still got about four fifths of your life left, get your shit together and DO something!”.

After some research regarding effective healing of sunburns, I stumbled upon coconut oil, the remedy for everything. And again I’m like “Ok, Mom, you were right again…”, since she swears by that stuff for cooking and basically everything else. So as soon as we got back to Arizona, I slathered loads of it on my poor leathery arms and face for the night – and voilà! I woke up this morning and it really is so much better! The lobstery red is mostly gone and has turned into an extremely attractive t-shirt tan. Whoopie. But after reading all about skin cancer, I actually never want a tan again! I’m staying in the shade for the rest of my life! Anyways, if you’re ever stupid enough to get a sunburn, use coconut oil on it.

Somehow the resolution to finally take better care of my skin triggered another one of those “Get-healthy-RIGHT-NOW” mind attacks that I have once in a while. I start planning stuff like exercising more and skipping sugar and processed food. Only this time I’m going to stick with it! Because now I have a blog and people that will kick my butt if I start dropping out! Right? So, here are some measures I’ve started:

1. Cut the sugar

It should already help tremendously if I quit listening to my Grandpa trying to tempt me into eating ice cream with him. Same with Root Beer and any other kind of soda. Which now means: No more Root Beer floats! Darn. The harder thing to quit will be fruit juices. I grew up with my dad confusing apple juice as a staple food and while I’m here in the US I also find it extremely hard to just hydrate on water because tap as well as bottled water taste like they’ve been treated with some weird chemical. So maybe the water-only thing will have to wait until I get back to Munich, which has the best tap water in the world.

2. Work the Planks

During our trip to California I had the horror experience of seeing myself in a bikini after a long winter. Yikes!! Like I never look at myself in the mirror, right, but in bathing apparel somehow everything looks a lot worse than in underwear. Damn you, Root Beer floats! I thought they just revealed a study that showed you’ll be just fine if you take a brisk walk for 20 minutes every day. And I pretty much do that all the time what with all the dog walking and then beach walking and at home walking to the train and to campus… Guess you’ll be fine but not great, so I started with 30 seconds of planks before bedtime, which now has my almost-six-pack nearly killing me. On the up side, under the muffin top I can feel firm muscle tissue! I’ll probably have to start running to get rid of the fat down there though… I know that pretty girls can have curves, but I think they’re supposed to go sideways and not forwards.

3. Incorporate Sun Blockers

Up until now I have still failed to get myself a signature hat. So many people look awesome in hats, either I’m not one of them or I haven’t found the right one yet. Because you know the professional hat makers say that there’s a hat for everybody. I sure hope that’s not just an advertisement hook. Until I find the perfect hat, I guess I’ll have to go with my Grandpa’s selection of baseball caps. Going All-American Girl here! Also I was thinking about trying a face cream/moisturizer with an SPF of some sort. Not that I’ve ever been into moisturizers much, I didn’t even know how to spell it until a minute ago and so far I’ve just always used the cream I have for my legs on my face, when it got dry enough to be concerned about it. Anyway, tomorrow’s Walmart-Day, so I’ll see what I find there. Maybe something without a bunch of chemicals in it, which takes us right to the next point.

4. Try the No-Poo Experiment

Some time ago I stumbled upon a few blog posts about alternatives to shampoo, that are supposed to make your hair healthier and decrease plastic bottle consumption. The most popular method was baking soda and apple cider vinegar, but after further research many people explained that because of the highly alkaline pH-value of baking soda compared with the rather acidic pH of your hair, you don’t want to use it regularly as an alternative for shampoo. Instead of the baking soda/vinegar thing, I found a different solution on this blog. They suggest homemade shampoo containing loose leaf green tea, raw honey and apple cider vinegar. Sounds great, although they recommend making each batch of it fresh. Oh boy. Oh well. I quit shampoo yesterday and just rinsed my hair with water. Afterwards I applied some of the miracle coconut oil to my scalp, since it too was pretty burned. This morning the result was not that awesome, my scalp looked and felt pretty good, but of course my hair was kind of hobo-looking because of the coconut oil. But all the no-poo people say that greasy hair is completely normal the first week or so of quitting shampoo because your hair is adjusting to the lack to harsh chemicals. So tonight we’ll try some of the tea-honey-vinegar shampoo and see how that works out. Until the grease level winds down I’ll just go for my Grandpa’s baseball caps.

Have you tried the no-poo experiment? Any experience with sunburns, coconut oil or those “You need to FINALLY get healthy NOW” kind of mind attacks? Let me know in the comments!


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