What’s up with the U.S. Media?

I’d like to have a word on the U.S. media today. Normally I’m really bad about watching the news. Partly I don’t really have time, but also I just don’t want to expose myself to so many terrible reports about another shooting somewhere, ridiculous political discussions, more shootings and the newest unnecessary twitter trends on a daily basis. Now since I’m at my grandparents’ house and they watch the news all the time, I thought I was finally well-informed about what is currently going on in the world. Turns out, that’s really not the case. First, let me give you a briefing about some current news topics:

1. Arizona Budget Cuts

So this new governor Doug Ducey and his Senate buddies passed the 2016 budget to help Arizona become financially stable without raising taxes. Sounds like a good idea, right? Not really, since it involves a $99 million dollar cut on higher education! All I have to say is that I’m amazed once again at how some legislatures get to make decisions about things that don’t affect them at all. Those people in the Senate have their education and a well-paid job, unlike many students struggling with student loans and therefore debt before they even get out of college! I was also startled by the statement that higher education is tried to be kept “as free as possible”. There is absolutely nothing free about paying thousands of dollars every year for schooling! What part of free do you not understand? I also don’t get how Germany has (finally) managed to provide free no-tuition college education while a powerful nation like the U.S. still can’t quite wrap it’s head around the importance of educating their future! Stop funding ridiculous wars, America, fund your schools instead! I know politics are certainly not as easy as that and that federal and state spending is terribly complicated – that’s what they make it sound like anyways. But if you can’t get out of shit yourself (and yes, a federal debt of $18,158,365,233,612 is definitely shit!! – let’s see, how is that number even pronounced? Hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, oh, 18 trillion dollars?!!), then educate America’s future to fix it! By the way, I’m certainly not saying Germany is perfect, regarding education or anything. Just read a headline the other day about some politician stating that the G8 system (cramming high school curriculum into 8 instead of 9 years) has proven to be “verbesserungswürdig”, or “in great need of improvement”. Oh, really? It seriously took you 11 years to realize that?

2. Hillary Clinton’s Emails

So she used her private email account during her time as Secretary of State. Be honest with yourselves, you’re just ripping her apart because she may be running for President and you are in desperate need of something to talk about. Meanwhile there are a few unimportant things like global warming, education, terror groups, wars, human rights… Wouldn’t suppose you’d want to work on fixing those? By the way, has anybody ever thought about the changes that it would bring to the White House when the first female President finally get’s elected into office and happens to be married? POTUS will still be fine, but they’re going to need to change the FLOTUS. F-GOTUS? First Gentleman of the United States? That sounds like  “F—, they got us”. Not a good idea. First Man? First Husband? I know, let’s just elect Ellen DeGeneres. Solves the whole problem.

3. Racism in fraternities

What the actual hell? And people call this “Post-Racism America”? The sad thing about this is that it’s coming from students. Educated people should know better than that! Unless they’ve gotten rid of most brain cells by drinking during senseless fraternity parties. People that have enough energy to chant racist songs on a bus and are also stupid enough to record and send it to someone, shouldn’t be having the privilege of higher education in the first place. If you have energy left over after lectures and seminars and tests, go direct it to something productive and positive! Go study harder, form a new club, think about some change this world needs, for heaven’s sake, just get yourself a job!

These are only a few examples of what’s been all over the media for the past week. I’m definitely not saying that they shouldn’t be (except for the emails), BUT meanwhile in Costa Rica a volcano erupts and covers most of the country in ash. Multiple eruptions have been going on over the past couple of days, the airport is closed, schools are closed – and this has still not made it to national American television??! Wow. I thought the media was always desperate for terrible catastrophes to spice up reporting the same thing every single day over and over again. (If you don’t have anything to say, just shut up!) Needless to say, I was kind of pissed about that. And obviously about a couple of other things, too. I do apologize for getting political, it won’t happen again (today).

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author and are not meant to hurt anyone personally. The author also admits to being a laywoman when it comes to politics, which by the way makes it extremely difficult to fuss about them in a sophisticated way and without making a fool of oneself. Conservatives, homophobes, racists: I hope I didn’t rile up your blood pressure too much.


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