The Detox Experiment – I give up!

Yup, I quit. I couldn’t stand my hair anymore, after a week of grease-trap it looked like someone had dumped a bucket of water over me, but the water only made it halfway down. I apologize to those of you blessed with a vivid imagination. May I now present the official closure of the Detox Experiment! I’d like to thank my grandparents for keeping my spirits up with statements like “Wow, your hair looks really, um, healthy!” and all the people that somehow caught a glimpse of my hair despite the baseball caps for not throwing up at the wonderful sight. Here’s what I finally ended up doing about the whole going-natural-thing.

1. Shampoo

Honey didn’t work, apple cider vinegar has the worst smell on earth right after butanoic acid and even the homemade shower gel did not get rid of, well, anything. Before I invested into weird herbs that are supposed to create a mud-like paste, I thought it would be better to just buy shampoo from a health food store. Either the recipes I tried were not right for my hair or my hair not right for the recipe – it just didn’t work, and yes, I did not go to all lengths to find the perfect formula for me, but seriously, after a week of that nonsense I had to go outside amongst people again. And also once the grease had worked itself down to a certain level the baseball caps pretty much lost their effect. So I went down to Natural Grocers and got the cheapest natural shampoo they had: Desert Essence Organics. They have a few different shampoos and conditioners for different purposes, such as volume, shine or color protection. I chose the unscented version, since Jojoba Oil and Green Tea sounded good from what I had read in recipes for homemade shampoo. So far it works really well, although sadly it doesn’t mask my slightly worn out ends that are in dire need of a cut.

2. Deodorant

During my research I found out that I was using one of the worst deodorants there is on the market. Containing aluminum and serving as an antiperspirant, I was basically feeding crap to my armpits and then making sure that said crap would never exit my body again. Since I really don’t want to end up with breast cancer (which apparently the aluminum could promote, considering the proximity of arm pit and breast), I was happy to switch to a natural brand, which ended up to be Tom’s of Maine. I have to confess that it’s not as effective as my old one, but I guess everything is better than aluminum entering your body on a regular basis. Maybe I’ll have to try a different brand once this stick is used up, but for now we’re good.

3. Toothpaste

I’m not sure if this one didn’t actually backfire a little. I now use a Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, wicked-fresh cool peppermint to be exact. The taste is awesome (beats my homemade version by a million at least) and it also leaves you with a really nice, fresh feeling in your mouth. What I’m not quite sure about is the SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) it contains, which can as well be found in any other commercial toothpaste. On their website, Tom’s of Maine explains what SLS does, why they use it and why it’s supposedly not harmful. But frankly, I’d be stating the same thing if I were selling products with that stuff in it. I’ve heard really bad things about SLS (cancer related, once again), and awesomely enough Tom’s also has SLS-free toothpaste, which I sadly didn’t see at the store though. I think I might switch to something like that after this tube is empty.

4. Shower Gel

Now this is the only recipe that didn’t go wrong. Sort of. It works pretty well, cleans off everything (maybe because it actually contains soap), also works for shaving, but not on hair. The only problem I’ve been having is an occasional itchy rash sort of thing on my legs after shaving. I blame that on the lavender essential oil I used in it. First of all, I was stupid enough not to test it before dumping it in the witch potion I was making there.

Combine one drop of essential oil with 1/2 tsp carrier oil (like olive, jojoba, or sweet almond). Rub this on the inside, upper portion of your arm and wait a few hours. If no redness or itching develops, you’re most likely not sensitive to that essential oil. (Source)

Anyways, I kind of forgot about that, plus my grandma found that stuff somewhere in her closet, no telling how old it actually is, but they say it basically never spoils. At least it’s not supposed to. Furthermore, I don’t like the smell of it, which I also blame on the possible age of the witch serum though. If any of you are still curious about the recipe and want to try it, here it is, but please be careful about using essential oils and do some research on them first!

Homemade Shower Gel (Source of Recipe)

  • 3 tbsp liquid castile soap
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp oil (e.g. olive oil)
  • 10 drops essential oil

Before I started using this, I had a small travel bottle of alverde Mint & Bergamot Body Wash, which I absolutely love the smell of – fresh and citrus-minty. It’s really a gel and not oily like the homemade one and also a vegan and natural brand. I might stick to that stuff once I get back to Germany and can roam a dm drug store full of alverde products again. FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-1Generally what I love about all of these products is that they’re vegan and made without any animal testing, which is why I’m very happy about having gone through this phase (again) and switching to natural brands. They may be more expensive than the normal products and it takes some time to find exactly what suits you – but at least there aren’t any catastrophes like baking soda toothpaste and apple cider vinegar in the shower.

Let me know about your experiences with switching to natural or making your own homemade products! 🙂


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