Wanna Go Veggie?

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ve probably had your fair share on extremely stupid jokes like “vegetarians eat my food’s food” and people going out of their way to convince you that eating animals is biblical and therefore you as a vegetarian are ignoring God’s gifts to us humans. Because we are just so superior to animals. If you come across one of those individuals again and start to get pissed, or if you’re interested in going veggie, here are some killer-arguments pro vegetarianism!

1. It reduces the risk of various diseases.

Studies show that vegetarians are 40% less likely to get cancer, four out of five Americans can reverse their symptoms of cardiovascular disease by switching to a vegetarian diet and generally, vegetarians live at least six years longer than meat-eaters. Going veggie also helps prevent obesity, diabetes and heart or blood-vessel diseases and overall improves your immune system.

2. It saves a ton of water.

It takes 660 gallons of water (∼2,500 liters) to grow a burger, 468 gallons (∼1,770 liters) for one pound of chicken and 576 gallons (∼2,200 liters) for one pound of pork. The U.S. has the second-highest per capita meat consumption in the world – right after Luxembourg. The entire world consumes about 295 million tons (268 million metric tons) of meat a year, that’s over 800,000 tons every single day. Now imagine just how much water is used to produce all that meat. No wonder everything is drying up!

3. It reduces global warming and pollution.

American factory farms have polluted 173,000 miles of rivers and streams in the U.S. and according to PETA, 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture. Not to mention all the pesticides used to grow grains for feeding livestock. Apart from that, rain forests are being cut down to make room for more livestock production – releasing even more carbon dioxide into the air and destroying the home of humans, animals and plants.

4. It reduces world hunger.

We’re feeding crops to soon-to-be-slaughtered animals instead of feeding the 40,000 kids that starve to death every single day. The natural resources used to feed one meat-eater could feed 16-20 vegetarians and even the wasteful Western world will at some point run out of food if we keep feeding animals to feed people, instead of supplying far more people with food directly.

5. It’s a statement against animal cruelty.

By eliminating your meat consumption, you’re telling the industry that you don’t support animals being crammed into factories and stuffed with antibiotics and food that only serves the one purpose of making them grow as big and fat as possible and is often made up of the remains of other dead animals. You are taking a stand against newborn animals separated from their mothers only to be slaughtered, animals raised only to be killed and in general the killing of conscious and aware creatures that walk the same planet as you do.

6. It’s about equality.

Eating dogs, cats or horses is not ok and eating cows, pigs and chickens shouldn’t be either. Killing humans is not ok, so killing animals, for whatever “reason”, shouldn’t be either. Nobody would want to eat human body remains, why do people want to eat decaying animal parts? Animals are sadly hardly protected under law, they cannot stand for themselves, so we have to stand for them.

Obviously, adapting a vegetarian or even vegan diet has a great impact on the use of our planet’s natural resources. Even by simply reducing meat consumption and therefore production we can make this earth a better, friendlier and more livable place! We have the power to change, and it’s time to stop talking and start doing something about the screwed up situation of this world! It’s so easy to take action merely by giving some thought to what we eat – why not take a shot at it?


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