Count Your Blessings – June 15

This evening I was walking home from another day at university, listening to Nickelback, holding an umbrella but still catching some raindrops on my nose, admiring the new mud smudge on my red chucks – and it hit me how freaking lucky I am. I’m getting an education, I have a roof over my head and enough food, warm clothes, voting rights, freedom of speech and religion, I may not be able to legally marry yet (at least in Germany), but I’m not persecuted for who I am, I live in a country where women are not suppressed (though that doesn’t mean we should stop fighting for full equality and respect), I can read and have access to books, I don’t live in a war zone, I have access to clean drinking water, summer is almost here and I’m going back to the U.S., I have a loving and supportive family – I could go on for decades. I think it’s so important to remember how lucky we actually are, count our blessings, not dwell on some petty trivialities, like late buses and trains, our hair not falling perfectly or generally things just not going exactly our way. Look on the bright side! Stop to smell the flowers, smile at the raindrops, smile at other people, notice the detail of your surroundings, skip through the streets!

In celebration of today, I challenged myself to count my blessings every day – and to notice the small things in life and write them down, so I can take a peek at them when I’m swimming in negativity and remind myself of what’s really important in life. And since I love photography, I also want to capture a “moment of the day” every day. Would love for you people to give it a try, too, and share the outcome with me! 🙂

So, here it goes.

Photo of the Day 


Today’s Blessings 

1. Forgot my wallet at home, noticed it only as I was already at the train station, ran all the way back home, grabbed the wallet, missed the next bus to the train station by a minute, ran back to the station, and still was in time for my lecture. Like a boss.

2. The history library was giving away super old books (well – like 1922 kind of old) that were sorted out for free. I am now proud owner of “Deutsche Geschichte. Zweiter Band: Neuzeit” by Dietrich Schäfer. And the best thing ever: It had an old newspaper article reporting the death of Fürst Bülow (whoever that was) tucked inside. I am in book heaven. And it smells so freaking awesome!


3. Saw a sign in front of a small shop walking through Munich: “Never mind the dog. Beware of owner!” I was grinning all the way to the next lecture and probably freaking people out.

4. Walking to the metro, my friend and I saw two little wild bunnies on the lawn at the Königsplatz, grazing very peacefully and not at all bothered by the people passing by. They looked exactly like the rabbits in Arizona!

5. The color statement of my new beloved red chucks in the gray of a rainy day in the city. I can’t wait to take them on new travels and get them as dirty and worn out as my old ones – which are going to be framed and hung on the wall, by the way. As soon as they completely fall apart.


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