DIY Marker-Tape-Ruler-Glue-Scissors-StickyNote Organizer

Or: How to make a box to keep all the junk in that’s making your desk look even more chaotic than usual. After about 8 months of living in my own (shared) apartment, I finally managed to clean up the old wooden retro table I keep beside my desk in default of a fancy-pancy drawer-organizer thingy. I was sick and tired of everything just lying around there getting covered in an inch-think layer of dust. Also I was too lazy and too stingy to go out and buy a fancy-pancy plastic pencil box or whatever from Staples. (I’m kidding. Germany doesn’t have Staples. Just trying to sound American.) Furthermore, I happened to have the cardboard back of an old notepad lying around – because well, for some reason I am incapable of throwing useful stuff like that away. Long story short: I made myself a cardboard container for all my office-related (or rather desk-related? Office sounds so sophisticated and grown up…) clutter and thought I’d share the process of making it with you. Just in case you also have a profound need of organizing your life – or at least your working environment. Organizing life is a whole other ball game.

DIY Marker-Tape-Ruler-Glue-Scissors-StickyNote Organizer

Step 1: Draw a grid on your piece of cardboard and make sure the edges all have the same length. I measured the short side of the cardboard and divided it by 3, that should give you the same edge length.

IMG_3850 Step 2: Cut out the four corner squares.

IMG_3851 Step 3: Use a pocket knife (or any other sharp metal object) to cut slits along the drawn lines. Depending on the thickness, you may need to do this on both sides of the cardboard. Whatever you do, don’t cut the flaps off completely! Step 3 1/2: Bend the flaps upward to create a box shape.

IMG_3852 Step 4: Put your individual design on it! I was kind of lazy and only wrote some boxy quotes on it while listening to the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack. I finally need to buy Forrest Gump. The book, not the movie!!

IMG_3853 Step 5: Tape the edges together. Depending on your design, you could also do this before making it pretty. Sadly, my box fell apart on one side two days later, so I recommend strong tape (how about at duct taped box??) or a different taping technique. Also as you might notice, my edges didn’t turn out exactly even. I mean, of course I did that on purpose because it looks more DIY, hipster, retro, whatever cool you want to call it.

IMG_3855 Step 6: Fill ‘er up. I also used one of the corner squares cut out earlier to make a little divider. IMG_3858 Alright, now go try it out, let me know how it went and post pictures of your own designs in the comments! 🙂


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