Blessings June 16 to 18

June 16

Ironically, right after writing that first post about counting your blessings, I got sick with a hardcore summer cold. Which is why I am now sitting up at 4 a.m. trying to breathe and ignore the fact that technically I’m supposed to get up in three hours. It also made the blessing counting the tiniest bit more difficult, but here it goes anyway.

1. I survived choir practice in the evening, despite blowing my nose every five minutes, slugging down water at the same rate and almost suffocating at one point because of tiny knives doing karate kicks inside of my throat. Still walked away alive. Like a boss.

2. Felt very grateful for having bought a new monster-sized package of tissues a while back, although it is disappearing at a disturbing rate right now.

3. I actually wrote two poems today (well, technically yesterday – geez, I need to sleep…). That’s what a class on the history of American literature does to you. It also makes you broke because your professor recommends too many awesome books.

4. Found an awesomely hilarious interview with Kate Moennig (current celebrity crush – besides Ellen of course). Even made me forget about my nose trying to kill me for a minute!

5. Best moment of the day: This going down on Twitter. And people on the train staring at me fangirling.


June 17

Ironically, 3 hours after writing the top bit, I woke up because I had once again arrived at the time of month that makes my life miserable and puts me in a mood that can only be described as angry bitch. Yep, I turn into a furious female dog. (Maybe they should make another Fast&Furious sequel – Female&Furious. Kind of like the all-girl Ghostbusters thing.) Anyways, still trying to count blessings, such as

1. All the sneezing and nose blowing seems to be speeding things up in the southern hemisphere – if you know what I mean.

2. My roomie is definitely a blessing. After looking at my miserable self, she went straight to the pharmacy and got me some nasal spray, which worked miracles. Personal triumph moment for her, since she’d been trying to make me get some for my allergies for weeks. Apparently, since she’s a medical student, I should listen to her more often when it comes to medical issues. Her opinion.

3. For lunch we made a freaking awesome casserole with spinach tortellini, a mixture of egg and crème fraîche, cheese and spices. It was amazing!

4. Pain pills. Definitely a blessing. Combined with all the magnesium I’ve been taking (though apparently not enough), I don’t feel a thing. All hail the drugs.

5. Sweatpants and cozy socks. Because – well, duh.

June 18

1. Only woke up once last night! And only used two tissues instead of 37!

2. Classes were fun today. Wrote an essay about pot, talked about mad people (Edgar Allen Poe) and discussed kids during WWI.

3. I bought paper. You can’t imagine how much copy paper a household run by two students requires. Having a printer at home is definitely a blessing.

4. Got an appointment at the hairdresser. SO excited! I know I swore off hairdressers a few weeks ago and just cut my hair myself (I didn’t think it turned out that bad – until my roomie said that I looked like a shaggy dog. I took it as a compliment), but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to pull off the stunt I’m planning on my own, so…

5. Managed to call a person ON THE PHONE and BY MYSELF without making a total fool out of myself or ending up having a panic attack or hyperventilating or starting to cry hysterically afterwards. Social anxiety, anyone?


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