I Wish I Had Been Born Without

I wish I had been born without a vagina. Not that I would want a penis instead, I’d rather just have no genitals at all. Then I wouldn’t be subject to all the fucked up things going on in the world. I could just be me, walking around this earth without fear of being raped or ever touched without my consent. I wouldn’t have to deal with misogyny or sexism or expectations placed upon me because I happen to have a vagina.

You can declare that you have no gender or that you don’t fit the gender binary, but you can’t declare that you have no sex. Because it’s still there, right between your legs, determined by a doctor the moment it’s visible on an ultrasound. It’s irrevocably stamped onto your birth certificate, male or female, stamped for life, unless you undergo gender reassignment surgery and pay money to have a piece of paper altered, but you can’t get rid of it altogether, you’re still stuck with some kind of sex, stuck with it for life.

Why is it that we place so much importance on genitals? Who ever started that? Who was the first to say, I have a penis and therefore I shall be more powerful than people that don’t, in fact, have a penis. Who ever put the idea into the heads of humans that they shall be classified into two groups, and two groups only, based on the stuff between their legs. Who ever invented these expectations that required the ones with vaginas to be frail and emotional and vulnerable and passive and have humans come out of their vaginas and who ever said the ones with penises are the ones to be strong and courageous and active and entitled to power over the ones with the vaginas. These concepts are bullshit and it’s tiring to fight against them, every fucking day of our lives, fighting to be seen as more than just creatures with either a vagina or a penis, just fighting all the time to stay alive without going insane.

And who ever said the ones with vaginas are to love the ones with the penises or the ones with penises to love the ones with vaginas and who ever made it an abomination for the ones with vaginas to love the ones with vaginas and the ones with penises to love the ones with penises, who ever said that it should be abnormal, that those ones should be punished by laws made by the others and that thing called heteronormativity, that thing that hurls itself in your face every fucking day of your life and tells you that you’re not normal, not normal, not normal.

And who ever said we should all be normal, normal is boring, but not being normal can suck the life out of you and at some point you almost wish to be normal, but then again being normal would mean to not be yourself, so you’d rather die than actually become normal, but maybe there just needs to be a new normal, but that won’t happen anytime soon, so yeah, anyway, it’s exhausting.


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